We have been serving our local church as head pastors for nearly 30 years, with no salary. We continually seek financial partners. Our main support comes from various ministries and individuals in the United States. However in the last 3 years, we have lost nearly 60% of our faithful support. We believe there are new people in Europe and abroad who believe in our ministry and want to see it continue.


You can make a one-time donation by clicking on the button below.


We need people who are willing to support us regularly through finances and prayer.


We came to France in early 1988, supported by an American federation of churches. Two years later, the federation closed down and we set up a network of friends and partners across the United States who, for the past quarter of a century, have supported us faithfully. 

Times change. Whether it be the result of our absence from our home country for half of our lives, or that Americans now prefer to support younger missionaries, our monthly support has lowered from year to year, and this despite Robert's regular trips to the US to keep in touch with them.

As pastors of a local church, the most logical and probably the most biblical choice, would be to receive a salary from the church. At the same time, we know that the ministry the Lord has given us goes beyond the local church work. Hence we have it on our hearts to build up a team of partners in Europe.

A partner is someone who regularly prays for us and our family, and who invests regularly in our ministry, by giving a donation to Horizon Missions (US) or our non-profit in France.

If you have it on your heart to partner with us, please write to us at :

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Robert and Kathryn Baxter, missionaries from the US, started their ministry in France in the early 1990s, by founding the Bon Berger (Good Shepherd) church. They now have an apostolic and prophetic ministry in over a hundred churches.

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