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Tyranny and oppression

As nations try to deal with the end of the pandemic we are all witness to just how difficult it is for our leaders to relinquish power once they have it, especially those who lust for it. Suppress opposition, gin up fear, convince the population of existential threats, move the attention off of things that are important and you have all of the ingredients for a loss of personal liberty. No, this is not the end of the world - at least not yet. But it is important for Christians to recenter their attention on that which is important. From a social perspective all Christians should be fighting to maintain the freedom of religion, defend the right of life of the unborn, and to bring our society back to honoring marriage between a man and a woman. From a spiritual perspective, Christians should be focused on developing intimacy with God, advancing His kingdom in the earth, and bringing the lost to Christ.

Tyranny is the great enemy, not only to those who believe in God, but all humanity. And the spirit of tyranny is none other than the spirit of anti-christ. But the Holy Spirit is moving powerfully throughout the earth in this moment. And it is more important than ever before for every Christian to take seriously his and her role in advancing the kingdom of God in these times. Kathryn and I pray for you that you would have a personal encounter with God and come into the fulness of what He has planned for your life.

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