Onboarding a well-known internet ministry

On June 3rd, 2022, while my mother was celebrating her 88th birthday in Florida, I had the privilege of attending the General Assembly of a huge French internet ministry called Top Chrétien, headquartered outside of Paris.

I had been asked to participate in their board meetings for the last year as a sort of prophetic voice, after which the other council members nominated me officially as a board member with a two-year renewable mandate. When the vote was taken and my candidacy unanimously approved, along with two other people, I felt particularly honored and excited.

It was for me another confirmation of the calling I received back in 1986 to be a messenger of the Kingdom to the French-speaking world. In the coming days my specific role will be more clearly defined. Meanwhile, I am enjoying getting to know the board members and being able to encourage their entrepreneurial spirit! For a glimpse at the website, go to : https://www.topchretien.com

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