Have you ever seen the Lord exceed your expectations?

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Have you ever seen the Lord exceed your expectations?  This happened for me last Saturday when we pursued our plan for our annual women's conference "Honneur aux Femmes." Originally scheduled for March, just before the Covid lockdown in France, the gathering was to take place in Paris.  To our delight,  the venue agreed to let us postpone until September … even though half the country was expecting a second wave of the virus after the summer holidays.

Despite rigorous sanitary regulations, a majority of the women who had registered still came, even though the encounter was six months later!  That, to me, was the first sign that God was up to something!  Even with fewer ladies present, (around 125 rather than 250), the presence of God was palpable from the opening notes I played on the piano, to open the conference with worship.

I'm getting used to people singing with their masks on, and they are learning to be just as expressive and whole-hearted.  There's just something precious about Father God hanging out with His beloved daughters. Nothing can hinder the Holy Spirit from moving when He is welcome!   The morning speaker gave an excellent word about the necessity of coming to the cross if you aspire to see God's glory.

The afternoon speaker developed the conference theme "Arise, shine" in both spiritual and practical terms.  And for the first time ever, the last hour was a time of questions and answers for the two speakers as they sat together on the stage.

My job was to host this time, taking the microphone from person to person (with my mask on, of course), summarising the responses and adding my own revelations when appropriate.  And a couple of times, I was surprised when my remarks were greeted with applause!  Several people received the baptism of the Holy Spirit!

It goes to show you that when the Lord gives you a vision to reach out, no health restrictions, no government interference, no virus, no enemy can hinder Him from moving in you and through you!

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