A dream comme true!

When I first became a missionary over 30 years ago, I found myself in an atmosphere with which I was entirely unacquainted. I felt heaviness and depression all around me. It was somewhat disconcerting, so I really had to press in to the Lord so as to not be influenced by the reigning principalities which created negativity, melancholy, and oppression. But in pursuing a deeper communion God, I realised that my times of praise and worship turned into glorious, spontaneous expressions of love and gratitude that lifted me up out of the mire. It was as though I was being set free. That's why the title of the album is "Liberated." I began to record and develop the songs that sprang up out of my spirit, and I truly believe that many of the lyrics were actually interpreting what I was singing in tongues. I came to the conclusion that the songs I was singing were not just for me, but they were also meant to be shared with the Body of Christ. The fact that every single one of them came to me in French confirmed that my testimony was meant for the French-speaking world.

You will find that many of the compositions describe an encounter or a reality that I personally enjoyed. I feel a deep joy about being to finally release this album and share them with you. This project has in some ways encapsulated three decades of losing myself in God's presence and letting my spirit soar. The project has been many years in coming, mostly because I had to find the right people to work with. This team shares my passion for Jesus and my aspirations for divine creativity.

I believe that these songs will be a blessing because they can elevate us out of our daily burdens and concerns. They remind us of what Jesus has done on the cross and how his victory can be a present reality for each of us. I wanted to make these titles "singable." so that an individual or a group could enter fully into the truth of each one. From the simple love song called "Sauveur de mon âme" (Savior of my soul), to the stirring melody of the title cut "Libéré", to the triumphant strains of "Tu Es Grand, Tu es Puissant" (You are Great, You are Mighty), to the captivating lyrics of "Ta beauté" (Your beauty) … this recording traverses different styles that reflect my personal universe, as well as different approaches to interaction with the Lord. It is not intended to be listened to, but to be experienced.

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