Reaching Eastern Europe for Christ

I (Kathryn) had the immense privilege of joining a team from the 10C Movement to minister to over 200 pastors, church leaders, youth leaders and worship leaders in Bulgaria for 3 days.

Our hosts, Vlado and Buba Borislava, have a vision to bring churches in the Balkans into greater unity, freedom in the Spirit, and glory, so they organised a conference entitled "Releasing the Power of God's presence." I ministered in the worship team and as a speaker, along with Eric Rivera of the Dwelling Place in Houston, for the youth leaders and worship leaders.

Their hunger for God ws amazing, and their desire to learn and grow was an inspiration. Some of the young people prophesied for the first time ever! It was an honour to pour into their lives. Among the Bulgarians, there were also leaders from Albania, North Macedonia, Moldova and Serbia.

The Holy Spirit is truly moving in the Balkan countries!

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