Living a fulfilled life

On Saturday, November 23 we held our second seminar on covenant for singles. This year, as we were preparing, we received from the Lord to speak more specifically about "How to live a fulfilling life".

The day went from morning to evening, with several breaks where the 30 participants were able to eat, but also to exchange and build relationships.

We taught about the difference between happiness and joy, intimacy with Jesus, and restoration from betrayal. We ended the day with a very powerful moment in prayer, where we with our team we laid hands on each participant. Real breakthroughs happened!

Here are some testimonies :

- "What the pastors shared with us is something the Lord had put in my heart, but I never realized the impact that all this could have in my life if I truly had a sincere intimacy with Him"

- "I learned how to answer to God's calling on my life"

- "I had prayed asking God how to be fulfilled in my life as a single even before knowing that there would be a seminar on this subject. And I thank God for all these answers. I am blessed »

- "It allowed me to interact with brothers and sisters and build relationships"

- "This seminar was beneficial because I understood that you have to be fulfilled with yourself before marriage. (Robert and Kathryn have) an in-depth knowledge of simple things »

- "The simplicity, the themes, the happiness, the joy during this day inspired me a lot as well as the pastors personal testimonies. It encouraged me a lot! "

- "(This seminar encouraged me) to live the call, the destiny of God in my life even while being single"

- "This seminar is a therapy"

- "I received a lot of revelations, especially that a single person can just as well live a fulfilling life"

- "This seminar was very beneficial, lots of truths, testimonials and Word in depth. The interactions were really good. Real enriching exchanges."

Thank you for all of you who prayed for this event. We believe God used it to move powerfully among His children in France.

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