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In a most wonderful exchange of blessings and giftings, were honoured to attend, along with a dozen of our French church members, the 10 Cities Conference in a Houston, Texas suburb the first week of November. Hosted by Pastor Randy Needham and the Dwelling Place Church, the 10 C Movement united delegates from Japan, China, India, Uganda, Honduras, Bulgaria, Macau, Macedonia, Russia and France, in addition to members from the local church in The Woodlands. Kathryn was one of the invited worship leaders, along with Tabitha Lemaire from Montreal and Leeland Mooring from the Bethel Collective. "Presence" was the conference theme, reflecting what we as ministers aspire to and live for. Each of the guest speakers had a timely word to challenge, encourage and inspire the 500+ participants. As an international delegate, Robert presided over one meeting, contributing his compelling revelations to the other messages given that week.

Among the guest speakers were Michael Koulianos, Brian Guerin from Bridal Glory International, Phil and Sharon Smethurst from Overland Missions, and Michael Miller from Upper Room. Thanks to the next generation of translators being raised up in our church, our French delegation, the largest of all the international groups, were able to be edified and challenged by the messages. At the first prayer meeting in our local church after our return, our delegates laid hands on all who came to the prayer meeting in order to impart what they received in Houston.

We have been walking with the 10C movement for over three years now, having met Pastor Randy a few years before that. The vision of the movement is based on Luke 19:17 : "And he said to him, ‘Well done, good servant! Because you have been faithful in a very little, you shall have authority over ten cities.'" It is unlike any other movement we have encountered : intent on uniting and equipping leaders from nations who are pursuing revival and the glory of God, DPC initiated this international family of churches and ministries who walk together and build together for the transformation of nations.

We see ourselves developing a long-term relationship with 10C and along with Pastor Randy and his team investing our ressources, through conferences and seminars and other means, in the nations. It is a movement where individuals are honorer and different anointings are celebrated. We plan to continue developing our relationship with this movement and make ourselves available to help in other nations where we are needed, such as contributing to a Bulgarian pastors' seminar in the Balkans next January.

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