Spreading revival!

For the third consecutive year we hosted an international conference in Paris for the 10 C Movement. Based in Houston, TX this movement, named from the passage in Luke chapter 19, has a vision to come along side of strategically placed men and women of God in various nations to strengthen the churches and release a spirit of revival on the people.

The movement, led by pastor Randy Needham, has left its spiritual footprint in Honduras, Japan, China, Russia, Bulgaria, Finland and now France.

The first week of May about 80 delegates from 5 nations attended the four-day conference along with the members of our church. It was a powerful time in God’s presence; and many hearts were strengthened through the times of worship, the preaching of the word and the times of prayer ministry.

The link between ourselves and the church in Houston has grown over the years. We sense in our hearts a true family bond with them and believe we will be working closely with them for the years to come. We feel so strong about this that we are sending David and Réanna to do a six month internship with the church, starting sometime around the end of the calendar year.

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