Mission to Martinique

We have once again had the privilege of ministering together in Martinique, an island in the French Caribbean where we serve as an apostolic covering for a church in Fort-de-France.

This series of meetings had as a central theme : "The Family." To start with, Kathryn preached at a women's meeting on "The Recipe for a Harmonious Household". Later the same day, Robert preached at a men's meeting on "The Importance of Integrity." In both cases, the enthusiastic response was a huge encouragement!

The following days, we tag-teamed together to teach an entire series about 'The Covenants of God : Strength for Families."

The most common (and most exciting) feedback was along the lines of "Wow! No one has ever taught on this here before!"

We realize that the Lord has entrusted to us a message of major significance for this generation of families, and notably in the French-speaking world.

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