Heaven on Earth

For several years in a row, I (Kathryn) have hosted an annual worship conference of some sort in our local church.

For many years the objective was to be a resource church : train worshippers from all over the city and allow them to "drink of the well" of God's presence. But this year the Holy Spirit spoke very clearly : it is time to put into practice all that has been learned. So the Lord directed us to host 12 hours of worship and intercession non-stop, with 8 different teams from the Paris area and from the local church taking a segment of 90 minutes each, around a particular theme.

At times, the presence of God was almost palpable! We sensed strongholds being overturned, darkness being pushed back, and the atmosphere changing.

And the most amazing testimony actually appear on the front page of all the papers the next day … a most symbolic photo taken and publicized nationwide!

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