The Father loves His daughters

On March 2nd, we held our fifth annual Ladies First conference - and for the first time ever, it took place in the center of Paris at the "Palais de la Femme" (Women's Hall), built as a shelter in 1912 and now owned by the Salvation Army.

It was an amazing time, ministering to over 150 women from all over the city.

The day started at 7.30am for me, as I led a worship practice with a small group of women from our local church. At 9am, we started the full day with a deep time of intimate worship, inviting the Lord to start His work in our hearts.

The first session was allotted to Audrey Mack, a powerful evangelistic woman of God, originally from France but who now lives in the US and ministers all around the world. During this time of motivating preaching, over 30 women gave their life to Christ, and about the same number received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Even before we hit the lunch break, the Lord was already transforming lives!

During the lunch and coffee breaks, the attendees were invited to visit the 10+ booths around the room which were held by women entrepreneurs presenting their projects : a hair-dresser, jewelry-maker, designer, florist, and more!

It was also the opportunity for me and my team to present our ministry and tools.

In the afternoon, I shared my speaking time with another elder from our local church. We spoke on four exemplary women of the Bible, and how the Lord healed them.

After this, the other two speakers and I were led by the Spirit to give several altar calls : and we were amazed at how the Lord moved on the hearts of these women- hungry for God, some hurt and broken by past experiences, others dealing with disappointment and feeling of failure, others compelled to finally forgive and let go of burdens they had been holding onto for decades.

The testimonies that resulted from this special day touched us deeply.

We saw eyes opened, souls restored, hardened hearts melt in the warmth of God's loving hands. We saw chains broken, burdens lifted, bodies healed, lives transformed!

We praise the Lord for everything He did, and will continue to do amongst His daughters.

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