What is covenant?

What an amazing time we had last weekend !!

On the 23rd and 24th of November, we had our second seminar on the theme of the covenant of mariage, this time specifically for singles. About 60 young (and older) singles were there to discover what covenant is, how to prepare for marriage, and how to build covenant friendships.

We had deep moments of teaching, revelation, practical exercises, but also very powerful times of prayer.

Here are some testimonies :

"I became even more aware of the importance of marriage in the eyes of God and for my life"

"This seminar can change a life, and can help avoid many trials and sufferings if we have the knowledge of the heart of God in relation to covenant"

"This seminar was very enlightening on covenant and how to cultivate it"

"God through this seminar showed me the importance of friendship, how to develop relationships with the people around us"

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