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Leadership training in Nîmes

On 16 November I joined up with pastor Thierry André for a five-part training session in leadership. Completing the team was Philippe Gablin, colleague and national director for the Equip Leadership Program. Just under 50 pastors and leaders from all over the southern part of France participated in the 11 hour event. I taught on the subjects of strategic planning, and how to make quality decisions as a leader.

Gregori Reyes, a French pastor and church planter from the city of Bézier is one of the key members of the local organizational committee. « A very moving weekend with men of quality, » he wrote.

Equip is a global ministry founded by author and speaker John Maxwell. More than 6 million pastors and leaders have been trained and equipped through this program. France, since beginning Equip more than 10 years ago, has organized more training sessions than any other nation since it was established.

I was invited by the host pastor Pascal Ollive to preach to the church on the Sunday morning. I shared my overview of the seven divine covenants, among which is the covenant of marriage. This message very much touched the members of the church.

This theme is revealed in detail in our new book, that will be released in French later this month! Stay tuned for more information :)

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