The most touching email

When was the last time you received from someone an expression of their heartfelt appreciation? Isn't it the most wonderful feeling?

I recently preached on how to be edifying, and less than two weeks later, received the most beautiful email I've receive in a long time, a sincere and beautifully crafted expression of gratitude. I have that person's permission to quote her :

"Dear Pastors Kathryn and Robert : It is with thanksgiving to our Almighty God and eternal gratitude that I write after spending 8 months in your church. I want to bless you, bless your ministry and bless your congregation in the name of Jesus.

During these 8 months with you, I experienced and received countless blessings. God gave me the grace to connect with Christians and with an especially extraordinary pastoral team. Personally, on an emotional level, these 8 long months were very difficult considering my marriage and family, but spiritually it was certainly one of the richest and most beautiful periods in my growth in the Lord. Indeed, my visit to your church was a stepping stone for me to fully enter my destiny, as a wife and as part of the Bride of Christ as well.

In our marriage, God has done a marvellous work in each of us, we have found love, peace, communication and all that is necessary for a rich and harmonious life together.

My husband's children are also transformed, and have shown a lot of attention and kindness to me. God is doing things beyond my expectations…

God has guided my husband and me to a new church where we are at peace and happy. We are in love with Jesus and we really want to make ourselves available to our Master. In this new church I experience what we had when we were with youthe preaching of the Word with Power and Truth, brotherly love, the commitment of the church for the glory of our God, teaching, evangelism ... We can pray every night with our brothers and sisters, and we will begin this month a group Bible study. We are more than blessed, God is good and faithful, glory to his Holy Name!

Dear Pastors, I love you and thank the Lord for who you are.

Pastor Robert, I am always touched by this light that emanates from you, your gentleness, your patience, glory to the Holy Spirit.

You Pastor Kathryn, as a woman, fill me with admiration at the wonderful person you are. I thank the Lord for strengthening you and continuing to demonstrate through you such determination, such strength, such love. I praise God for the commitment the two of you've made for the Kingdom of God. We will definitely come back to see you."

We are praising God for partners like YOU, dear friend, who make our ministry in France possible!

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