Making disciples in Martinique

What a privilege to be able to train and equip leaders for the Kingdom of God!

This has been part of our heavenly mandate for the last several years, and this training takes place in various forms including personal discipleship, seminars, specific courses in Bible or discipleship schools. In the last few years, we have associated with John Maxwell's program called EQUIP to teach leadership principles and their practical application.

This past weekend Robert trained over fifty men and women in the city of Sainte Marie, Martinique (French Caribbean). These three days were the third in a series of six seminars meant to cultivate a new level of godly leadership in the body of Christ. Some of the subjects he covered were Healthy Attitudes of a Leader, A Leader's Sphere of Influence, Communicating as Christ did, Being a Leader in Times of Crisis, the Five Levels of leadership, and the Servant-Leader who is an Effective Example.

The audience was enthusiastic and inquisitive, and the times of Q & A were particularly animated.

God is moving in the Caribbean!

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