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Tabernacles in Jerusalem!

The International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, of which my husband Robert is the president of the French branch, held its annual Feast of Tabernacles conference from Sept 23 to 29th. (more photos available here). The theme of the conference was “Dare to Dream" (videos from the evening sessions available here). From the first evening when I saw the nations gathered in the arena, I felt I was seeing the start of prophecies being accomplished, such as Isaiah 2:2-3 and Zachariah 14:16 being fulfilled!

My favorite part of each day, was arriving at the arena early every morning to set up the translation booth and then walk the upper level praying, praising and worshipping the Lord. It was the perfect perch from which to intercede for the all the delegates, representing over 80 nations, and sometimes the morning praise team was practising to contribute to the flow.

One afternoon we left early to do a prayer walk in the Old City. I cannot walk through the streets without praying for the eyes of its residents be opened to see their Messiah! At the Western Wall, the Lord said to me “This wall is a sign to My people and to you my daughter that I will always release the MEANS FOR THE MIRACLE. This has stayed with me ever since and will be a subject of study and meditation in the coming days. Our present need for a miracle is the purchase of our church building. What I like most about Jerusalem is the ubiquitous sense of God’s watchfulness over the city and its people. (See Zachariah 14:11 and Psalms 121:3-4)

I felt very privileged to served the French-Speaking people that came to the feast. Many thanked me and told me how much they appreciated being able to follow along, including the songs and video clips. I was also honored to translate Pastor Samuel Peterschmitt into English from the stage in one of the morning sessions. Several people told me that it was the best message they heard all week. I think they appreciated his practical approach on how to work towards the dream coming true.

The highlight of the week was the March of Nations through the streets of Jerusalem. Proudly waving the French flag, calling out “Hag Sameach!” to thousands of bystanders cheering us on, I felt as though we were, in a small way, conveying our love and support to these people so precious to the Lord.

Personally I came away from the conference feeling far better equipped with the knowledge of how to defend Israël’s right to exist and how to help Christians come into a better understanding of God’s love and plan for Israël. God’s PLAN comes out of His COVENANT LOVE for us, not because He wants to be a hard taskmaster! We are honored to be co-labourers with Him to see His Kingdom come. He is simultaneously the God of Israel, the One who is building His church, and the Lord of the Harvest!

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