Jump in the River

This past Pentecost weekend we were privileged to host for the second consecutive year the 10 C European conference.

The 10 C Movement was started by pastor Randy Needham of the Dwelling Place Church in Houston Texas with the intent of coming alongside churches of like-heart to help bring them into a greater intimacy with God and to resource them to fulfill their destiny. They have built strong relationships with churches in Finland, Russia, Bulgaria, Hungary, India, Japan, China, Honduras and now, France.

The term 10 C is a reference to the parable of Jesus in Luke 19 when He said to the faithful servant that because of his faithfulness he would receive authority over ten cities. (To find out more about the 10 C Movement click here)

We had about 50 delegates attending the conference in Paris, from different places around Europe. On the first night pastor Randy set the tone of the four days by giving us a strong exhortation to just Just in the river.

The first time he said that I just passed over the idea. I am certainly not a stranger to the movings of the Holy Spirit, nor the draw to deeper intimacy with God. But, honestly, the artistic idea of jumping into a river just didn’t speak to my rather sequential, orderly mind. By the third or fourth exhortation my heart cried out to God.

Father, I need and I want more of you. So, I just let go of my logical brain. And I take a step of faith towards you.

Instantly I was taken into a vision. In my vision it was a beautiful and hot day. And I was on my raft, floating in a calm and placid river. I looked over and saw many folks in the water near the shore. They were splashing, jumping up and down, and playing with a ball. For me, I was just relaxing on my raft.

Then the current began to pick up. As it did, I relaxed more and more; and I could sense God’s presence enveloping my soul. Rather than flowing downward, however, this river flowed upward. And the steeper it became, the faster it flowed. This continued until my raft was moving vertically to the land below. And it took me straight into the throne room of God.

Needless to say, after that experience, I was set for the entire weekend. What an amazing and refreshing time it was.

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