Inspiring youth to be consecrated

CONSECRATION. A word that sounds archaic to many, incomprehensible to some, and impossible to accomplish to most. Yet the theme of our youth retreat last weekend was “A consecrated generation.”

I, Kathryn, was blessed to minister to the group on Friday morning, and after a powerful prophetic move during the praise and worship, I felt let to share on what it really means to be consecrated to the Lord : being set apart or “reserved” for Him, walking in a manner worthy of Him, not tolerating compromise or hypocrisy, and most of all making Jesus our priority in everything.

On another night during the youth retreat, Robert also preached a powerful message on what it means to live a consecrated and committed life for the Lord.

The responsiveness of the young people truly encouraged my heart as God challenged each one and called them to a deeper level of commitment. There is hope for this nation if its future leaders live to glorify the Lord!

WATCH THEIR TESTIMONIES BELOW ! (note : these testimonies are in French; open the video on Youtube to activate subtitles)

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