Being a part of Prophetic Activation in Paris

Last weekend, with one of our elder’s wives, I attended a Prophetic Activation encounter led by Denise Goulet of ICLV. My intention was to serve and support the event, but I ended up getting richly blessed in return!

The first night, a prophetic song about a river of fire just erupted from my spirit (and apparently Denise Goulet held up the microphone to my mouth so it could resound throughout the room.) And near the end of the evening, I was called up front and several of the team members from ICLV (including Robin and Michael) shared some very accurate words over my life. For example, “I see guitar strings connecting your head and your heart and I believe God uses your teaching to go beyond intellectual knowledge to really touch the heart” and “Your husband is apostolic and you are prophetic” and “I see three children, two girls and a boy, real worshippers, very connected to what you are doing and able to unite business and ministry to see the Kingdom of God furthered.”

I love the way the Lord can send total strangers to confirm the dreams He has put in your heart!

At the final session, I was asked to participate in the prophetic team that laid hands on all the participants for impartation. What an honor!

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