A vessel for honor

“If anyone purifies himself, he will be a vessel for honor, made holy, ready for the master's use, prepared for every good work.” (2 Timothy 2:21) This verse was the theme for our annual women’s event, “Honneur aux Femmes” (which translates as “Ladies First"), held last Saturday, March 3rd.

Close to 200 ladies came to enjoy the presence of the Lord, hear two guest speakers from the Paris area, and participate in one of three different workshops, one of which I taught with another leader in our church.

My job was to talk frankly about how to be a modern women who is fulfilled in her numerous and diverse functions. I was inspired to share practical ways to cultivate God’s values and priorities in our daily lives, in order to make us useful to the Master! My main point was that everything starts with priority number 1: developing intimacy with God. Then I led the ladies in an exercise related to being a good steward of time. The Bible is in fact a very practical manual for living life on a daily basis in a manner pleasing to God!

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