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Our first seminar on the Power of Covenant

This past weekend we held our first Couples’ Seminar on the Power of the Covenant, based on our new book coming out in the next few months.

This revelation has been growing in our hearts for the past several years and we felt it was time to offer it to couples in a relaxed setting where they could discuss and pray together over several questions. For many, it was the first time that they realised God is a God of covenant, that whatever He does on the earth is through covenant, and that marriage is a divine covenant that opens a portal to heavenly authority.

Not one single person left untouched. This time of sharing triggered a deep and powerful work in the lives of those who attended. The only regret expressed to us was that the time allotted was too short!

Testimonies :

"I became more aware of the sacralization of marriage and the destiny that God has for it"

"(we had) very good times of meditation, personal reflection and as a couple, to continue to go further according to the plan of God for us"

"(This seminar) strengthens couples, dismantles taboos, breaks down barriers"

"The seminar addresses key points to building, strengthening, and restoring the covenant of marriage. It is very encouraging and rewarding to understand the heart of God in relation to marriage. "

"(This seminar) brought forward many things that we had lost sight of. Thank you for putting our relationship back on track »

"The presence of other couples makes us know that we are not alone"

"(This seminar) taught me the value of my marriage in the eyes of God"

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