Cultivating healthy friendships : ministering to singles

What better way to spend New Year’s Eve than at “The Friendship Festival”, held at our local church? That is exactly what we attended, as guest speakers this past December 31st in a festive, beautifully decorated atmosphere.

Organized by a couple in the church who have it on their hearts to unite and mobilise singles of all ages, the event included a potluck meal, games, testimonies, and exhortation on how to develop great friendships. The 50 or so participants really seemed to appreciate our sharing on some of the key ways to cultivate healthy friendships, including : learning how to ask good questions, developing listening skills, cultivating empathy (emotional intelligence), walking in loyalty, inspiring confidence by being trustworthy, investing quality time, managing expectations, and building a culture of honour.

We closed our time with a significant word about God always and forever being the one who redeems our soul after bad experiences and restores what has been stolen by the enemy. The Holy Spirit blew in like a refreshing breeze and set the stage for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

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