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“You have given real keys to our generation"

Last Sunday, at the monthly gathering of young adults called Transformation, we had the privilege of sharing with about 60 folks, mostly single, regarding relationships between men and women.

In an informal setting, we could really share our hearts with the participants, ages 20 to 35 mainly. Starting with the testimony of how God brought us together in mariage, and drawing from nearly 30 years of experience and revelation from the scriptures, we taught on the covenant of God, how to cultivate friendships during one’s single years, and other themes that will appear in our new book scheduled to come out in in February 2018.

Robert challenged the men to be real men, and to honour the “princesses” around them. Kathryn spoke with humour and authenticity to the women about their femininity, and how to encourage the “champion” in their brothers in Christ to come forth. The Holy Spirit moved powerfully, especially at the end, to set people free from unrealistic expectations and heal broken hearts.

One of the group’s leaders, Emmanuel, wrote afterwards “You have given some real keys to our generation that are needed.”

Even the married couples present appreciated our frankness, as well as the principles they taught.

Stay tuned for more information about the new book in the coming months!

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