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God moving in Ireland

On the 11 and 12 of November I (Robert) had the privilege to preach in our sister church in the south Irish town of Dungarvan. It is a church of roughly 80 people, and the pastors are Steve and Lorita Hamer. The church was established about 10 years ago by my good friend pastor Kyle Holland who has since moved closer to Dublin and is serving as the senior leader of Cornerstone Church.

I arrived on Saturday and in the evening was asked to do a special session on the subject of the Feasts of the Lord. This was actually the first time a local church has specifically asked me to teach on this subject. Not only was it a wonderful time, but having lost all my notes on the message I had prepared, I ended up teaching from the heart. In retrospect, I think this is what the people needed.

Sunday morning the meeting room was full, the worship was rich, and the people were among the most warm and welcoming of any people I have ever met. As the church is facing some challenging decisions the Holy Spirit led me to teach on how to manage change in life. God moved powerfully on the people and several were visibly visited by the Lord. Unfortunately, the pastor was obliged to whisk me away quickly to drive me back to the Dublin airport for my flight back to France


Though this visit was very brief, I was so deeply blessed by the time I spent with the pastors; their devotion to God and His people demonstrated through their deep and personal sacrifices were inspirational to me. I trust that the deposit that I left will enable to respond with even greater faith as they move the church further in the will of the Lord.

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