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God moving in the Jura

On the weekend of October 20-22, Robert and Kathryn were invited as speakers at a retreat for the CEPEE-Jura and Macon churches, in the Jura region of France near the Swiss border. As the designated "supervisors" of this church family, Robert and Kathryn taught on the theme "Seize Your Destiny" with about 90 adults. Friday afternoon began with a meeting for the leaders and everyone received an encouraging word. On Saturday, Kathryn hosted a workshop on prophetic praise for the worship teams of the represented churches. Then Robert and Kathryn had a time of sharing with the group of young leaders in formation, and prophesied on everyone!

Here are some testimonies from the attendees :

"This was an exceptional time. What I experienced during worship was insane! I don't have the words to describe it." - Samuel, one of the young leaders in training

"This weekend I learnt that I had to forget my past. I have had a difficult life, and I always thought I had to live with it. But now that I have learnt that I can actually forget my past, I believe it's possible to do so." - Réjane

"(during) the time of prophetic worship we had with Kathryn (...), not only did the Holy Spirit move, but Kathryn also gave us some practical keys to help us- worship leaders, musicians, singers- bring the people of God into that prophetic presence." - Alwin

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