The Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem

I have just returned from an amazing encounter weekend in Jerusalem. It seems at every turn God was arresting my heart, drawing me deeper into His heart, not just for His city and His people, but the nations of the world as well.

The Feast of Tabernacles, according to Zachariah 14:16, 17 has a particular calling to the non-Jewish people of the world. We are commanded by the Lord to come up to Jerusalem to worship Him at this holy feast. This feast also speaks to us prophetically about the return of Jesus when He comes to Tabernacle among men in His kingdom. I have come to understand that of the three main feasts of the Lord, the two other being Passover and Pentecost, this one is the only forward looking feast, which calls out to the Lord for its final fulfillment.

Already, Christians come from all over the world to worship the Lord and to express their love of Israel. An annual march is organized for the Jewish diaspora to march through the streets of Jerusalem as the come up to the Lord. A number of years ago Christians wanted to march as well; so the city officials reached out to the ICEJ to ask them to organize the Christian portion of the march.

Fifteen years ago many Jews scorned the few Christians who came to march and perceived them as a danger to their religion. But today Jews line the streets and treat the more than ten thousand Christian pilgrims like they were rock stars. As we called out our love for Israel, they would call back the shalom of God upon us. If you have never done the march, decide to be there in September 2018 to do it with us. You will never forget it. And you will physically be fulfilling the word of the Lord.

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