Join us for the Daniel Fast

For us, our year starts on September 1. And we can tell you that after our four weeks of rest in August, God has put in our soul a passionate fire that we haven’t felt in a very long time. Our team is energized and ready to move ahead. And we really want to encourage you to get yourself ready as well. The journey has only begun.

Why not decide today to join us in this year’s Daniel Fast? Our theme is: Seize Your Destiny.

For the 15th consecutive year we are engaged in a 21-day period of seeking the face of God and hearing His voice for our lives. Why not join us? It doesn’t take much; but what you get from heaven in return is nothing short of amazing. If you set yourself apart to seek God during this time, you will absolutely NOT regret a single moment. Go to our special Daniel Fast website and start following us today! There, we provide tools to get you going.

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