From despair to determination

The past twelve months have probably been the most difficult we have ever had since giving our hearts to the call of God. Between April and May, Robert fell into a real emotional and spiritual battle, praying often that God would take his life.

We are quite aware that there are people suffering far greater difficulties than what we were going through. Nevertheless, when you are in the epicenter of trouble, that thought is little consolation. We were exhausted, felt betrayed, and were highly criticized. Our closest friends were also suffering and unable to come to our aid.

By God’s grace, we made it through that difficult time, and over the summer received rest and refreshment in the Lord. (A very special Thank You to everyone in south Florida.) God also helped us to better understand what the nature of the attacks were, and how to better deal with them presently, and in the future. Knowing your enemy and having the tools to combat him are crucial to winning the battle. On the other hand, we figured that if this is the best the devil could throw at us, and we still standing, ready for the next season, then God has proven once again just how faithful He is.

Perhaps you, too, are going through some unusual trials that are pushing you to the breaking point; and today you just don’t see how you can go on. Listen, you are not alone. God is for you. If you keep your eyes on Him, He will bring you through this and then teach you from it.

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