Focus on the RNC conference (new connections network)

Accompanied by Pastors David Rouxel, Daniel Stocky andThierry André, Kathryn sent to the south of France last week to represent the Bon Berger church at the annual conference of the RNC leaders. RNC ("Réseau Nouvelles Connexions" which means : new connections network) is the French network to which belong the Horizon churches in France. The theme was “Reinvent Church” in order to inspire leaders to look at what they are building from a different angle. The first evening was reserved for those who belong to the Apostolic Committee for time of prayer for one another, deciding the program, and determining the criteria necessary for a young ministry to be a part of the Apostolic Committee.

Every meeting of the weekend consisted of a teaching, followed by small group discussions concerning its application. On Friday morning, the theme was how a leader should handle disappointment (from failure, betrayal, etc.) but particularly disappointment in God : not wearing a mask and not being afraid to be vulnerable. God draws near to those with a broken heart. The following subject looked at the 3 notions essentiel to recalibrate the vision of the church : 1) Above all, cultivate love: for God, for Christians and for unbelievers; 2) Train disciples who make disciples, (based on the 4 levels mentioned in 2 Tim. 2:2) and 3) The notion of dynasty : develop collaboration between 3 generations of Christians who cooperate with each other (rather than succeed each other!)

Saturday morning, the emphasis was on the need for every local church to develop social programs. It only takes a group of 20 people to undertake a social outreach of some sort to their community.

The final session consisted of one pastor’s testimony, Philippe Joret, a church planter in the south of France for several decades who moved to Montreal to start a church several years ago. God challenged him to reinvent the traditional type of church, and to take two years just to meet with non-churched Christians to answer questions like : What? Why, Who? To meet which needs? God gives unusual and creative ideas that meet society’s needs and that reflect the principles of the Kingdom of God.

To close the conference, every small discussion group presented its conclusions. The entire weekend, the times of fellowship was rich in discovery and in helpful exchange!

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