France blesses Asia

Last month, Kathryn had the immense privilege of serving the Body of Christ in Japan…and partly thanks to many of you who contributed to the cost of her trip! THANK YOU.

She had been invited by the 10C Movement (based out of Houston, Texas) to participate in an outreach/conférence for Asian leaders hosted by the Kingdom Seekers Church of Shibuya (a suburb of Tokyo). Since Kathryn had dreamed of being a missionary to Japan for over 30 years, this was an offer she could not refuse! The conference theme was “Open Heaven, Open Nations”, based on Isaiah 45:8 “Isaiah 45:8 – Let righteousness come down, O heavens, from on high, and let the sky send it down like rain: let the earth be open to give the fruit of salvation, causing righteousness to come up with it; I the Lord have made it come about.”

Every morning of the week-long outreach began with an early prayer walk through the city streets, (followed by a traditional Japanese breakfast of fish and rice!) One highlight during prayer was when Kathryn was led to the 11th floor of a shopping center to what was called the Sky Lobby with a panoramic view of the city. No better place for prophesying over the residents! Japan is less than 1 per cent Christian, so there were often opportunities to share the gospel. For example, when you ask a passerby if they speak English, the Japanese think you are going to ask them​​ for directions, so they stop and help. Their culture emphasises respect andtherefore they feel obliged to hear what you have to say. Many seeds of the gospel were sown throughout the town.

The conference meetings were morning, afternoon and evening, and Randy Needham (founder of the 10 C movement) as well as a number Japanese pastors were given the opportunity to share. Kathryn took one afternoon session and taught on “Becoming a prophetic people.” Team members from Houston, as well several local Japanese leaders, told her how powerfully impacted they were by her message. And more than anything, Kathryn was blessed to pray for numerous young women in the Japanese church.

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