Robert and Kathryn first came to France from the United States as missionaries in January of 1988.  They have served as the senior leaders of the Paris-based church Le Bon Berger (The Good Shepherd) since they founded it in January 1991. Robert and Kathryn also helped to establish a network of churches in Europe called the Horizon Family of Churches during the 1990's. The Horizon Family Network of churches and ministries was formally established in 2005 and Robert has served as its primary leader until the summer of 2017. The official federation of Horizon churches was admitted into the Protestant Federation of France in 2014.

 The Baxters founded a discipleship school in 2001, a worship school in 2005, and a pastors training school in 2009. These three schools recently merged and became CFH, "Centre de Formation Horizon" (Horizon Training Center). Their vision for the future is mainly to contribute in establishing a christian school, an evangelism school, a language school and a missionary training center.

They have participated in some manner in planting more than 20 churches primarily in Europe and French-speaking countries and have developed several Bible training schools.  They serve as advisors to numerous churches and Christian ministries around the world. 

Robert and Kathryn have a true heart for God and His Church. They are determined, passionate and faithful people, who have dedicated their whole lives to advancing the kingdom of God in France, in the french-speaking world, and in all the earth.

They have been married for 29 years and have two children: Rachelle, currently living in New Zealand; and Réanna who married David Placide in August 2016, and who works part-time for the Baxter’s ministry.

Robert Baxter - Robert came to Christ as a teenager in 1974 following a vision of heaven and hell. He holds undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Communications. He has been involved in full-time pastoral ministry for more than 37 years. He has served as the senior pastor of the Paris-based Church, Le Bon Berger, (The Good Shepherd) since founding it in January 1991. He has served as the president of the France-based network of Horizon churches since he founded it in 2005. He is the president of the Horizon Training Center, offering an intense discipleship training program as well as other training events throughout the year. He currently serves as one of the principle national trainers of the EQUIP leadership development program established by renown author John Maxwell. He has written five books and hopes to publish his sixth by the end of 2019. He has been serving as the national director of the French branch of the International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem since November 2015. He has been a guest speaker at numerous Full Gospel Businessmen conventions, Aglow national convention, various Catholic conventions and conferences, as well as various conferences related to the subject of Israel.

Kathryn Baxter  - Kathryn met the Lord in her first semester at the University of Hawaii where she majored in communications and political science. Soon thereafter, she felt called as a missionary, initially to Asia but ultimately to France. She served as an assistant to the ministry of Bob and Rose Weiner in Gainesville, Florida, for two years befor arriving as a newlywed in France.  Of Canadian nationality, Kathryn has served at her husband's side as pastor of Le Bon Berger for nearly 30 years. Kathryn was founder and director of a worship school for several years before it was incorporated into the Horizon Training Center. Passionate for the presence of God, Kathryn is the Worship Pastor at Le Bon Berger and an active participant in citywide worship events in the Paris area. Once a year, she organises a worship conference called "Heaven on Earth". She enjoys teaching from the Bible and training worship teams, and is regularly invited as a speaker in Bible schools and women's conferences in France and Europe. Her most recent missions trip was to Bulgaria in January 2020.



Robert and Kathryn Baxter, missionaries from the US, started their ministry in France in the early 1990s, by founding the Bon Berger (Good Shepherd) church. They now have an apostolic and prophetic ministry in over a hundred churches.

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